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I wanted to create a digital version of the Magic 8 Ball...

The body of this is 3D printed and the display has been changed from an polyhedron in blue dye to a small OLED controlled by a random number generator programmed into an Arduino NANO.

Then I went on a bit of a tangent and created another shell, this one is an ice blue eye that looks straight into your soul...

CAUTION: While I ultimately used mercury tilt switches for my final build. If this intended to be used as a toy, you should just follow the original plan outlined here. Mercury has known toxicity. The second video clearly shows why I did this!

All of my mercury switches were reclaimed from old home thermostats that were destined for the landfill, they are in safe hands now...

UPDATE April 12,2019!!!: I have included a far simpler way to power and run this project. I have also included stripped down code that just displays the advice. All is revealed in step 10.

Step 1: The 8 Ball

Picture of The 8 Ball

I created 100mm hollow sphere in Solidworks

I didn't want any joining seam along the equator of the sphere so the the top and bottom sections were then cut out leaving a 50mm hole in the top and a 56mm hole in the bottom.

Since I didn't want any fasteners showing, I then made a 57 mm cut 1mm deep on the outside of the bottom hole and added two 4mm diameter rods that just out perpendicular into the hole about 4mm long.

The top hole plug was modelled by inverting the initial cut out section for the top hole. An additional 2mm ring was added to the inner curve of the plug then the whole thing was made solid.

From the top I drew a large number 8 and this outline was cut out of the top cover. This in turn was used to create a number 8 piece.

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