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Picture of Emergency Door Curtain Organizer

Safety in our schools is at the forefront of everyone's mind, and back-to-school time is a great time for teachers to take a moment to prepare for anything the year may bring.

One item safety officials recommend for the classroom is a device to block visual access to a room that can be easily applied and removed (like a curtain to block the window on the door). This project combines a window curtain for your classroom door with storage pockets to allow you to put all the critical information you may need in an emergency exactly where you need it - right at your fingertips as you leave the classroom!

And even if you have your school safety countermeasures taken care of, this organizer is a great way to block out all those silly faces that try to distract your students as they are walking down the hall...or block out the adults that might think you are nutty for trying to act out osmosis in front of the class. You could use the pockets for exit tickets or even as a place for students to turn in work as they's completely customizable and up to you!

Step 1: Measure and Cut Your Fabric.

Picture of Measure and Cut Your Fabric.

For the main curtain, you will need to cut a piece of material that is a little longer than the window and more than twice as wide as the window. The standard size of a classroom door window is 32" x 6", so this instructable will operate on that size - but make sure you check your sizes and make any changes necessary. Our finished curtain will be 8.5" wide (to cover the whole window and hold a standard sheet of paper) and about 34" long. The dimensions shown in the fabric template includes the material you will need for seam allotments and other folds.

Note: Most quilting or flannel print fabrics are 36" (perfect for this project), but depending on the print and they way you want to the print to face, you may need to get a full yard of fabric so you can make your fabric hang with the print facing the direction you choose. I was making a few of these curtains for my colleagues and almost made one with sideways cats before I caught myself, so make sure to check your print direction before you cut!

In addition to the main curtain, you should cut fabric for as many pockets as you want. The fabric for the pocket should be half with curtain fabric width (in this case 9") and as tall as you prefer. For my project I created two pockets that are 15" long to completely cover a sheet of paper with some wiggle room.

Thank you for sharing this! This project serves so many classroom purposes, but the safety aspect of having the ability to cover the window is so important, and this provides such a functional solution. Such an excellent idea!!!
Why is this so important?
lainealison (author)  WeTeachThemSTEM1 month ago
Thanks so much for the nice feedback!!
when did u come up with this?
lainealison (author)  moralesk874526 days ago
Just before the school year started. I never have a good place for my emergency info and needed to block the window and it just sort of came together.
rnjenny1 month ago
Simple, thoughtful, decorative, practical. Very nice!
i agree
lainealison (author)  rnjenny1 month ago
Thanks so much!!
this is something i am looking forward to trying thank u!!!