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Picture of Employee #R2-D2

Yep, yep, yer hyperdrive motorvator is shot. (Kuat Drive Yards poodoo -- buy Incom and you won't have to buy it twice, that's what I always say.) Yeah, it'll have to be replaced. Lessee, with parts and labor that comes to...carry the 2, add 15% for shop supplies...that comes to 30,000 Republic credits.

But if yer willin' to wait a week, I got a buddy on Tattooine who sells refurbished ones. With that I could do it for 23,000 Credits. Whaddaya say?

The idea here is "what if, in an alternate Star Wars universe, R2-D2 was a human, just some guy who worked 9-to-5 as a maintenance tech on a Starship?" And if so, what would he look like?

The two main pieces are a hard hat styled to look like R2's dome, and a Xwing-pilot-style chestbox styled to look like R2's iconic barrel-body. Some extras, like a belt and a wrist communicator, help add some splash

Step 1: Hard Hat: Painting


  • blue hardhat
  • masking tape in various widths


  • utility knife
  • fine sandpaper (e.g., 220 grit

It is important you begin with a blue hardhat! The reason is hard hats are a type of plastic that doesn't hold paint very well, so if you paint it one color, then apply a tape mask over the paint, then the tape will pull the underlying paint off with it. I learned that lesson the hard way.

Mask the helmet in such a way as to expose the silver parts of the finished product and protect the blue parts. I found it useful to use standard-width tape for the rectangular blue sections and shreds of wider tape for the triangular sections. I also opted for a mohawk stripe starting at the top and going down the back. Shape things with a utility knife so you get nice clean edges.

I also found it useful to lay out the triangular sections with the narrower masking tape criss-crossing the dome of the hat. This helped keep the triangles on both sides even.

Once masked, lightly sand the exposed plastic, then prime and paint silver, a couple coats of each.

After the silver dries, score the paint along the tape edges before removing the tape. Again, paint doesn't stick well to this plastic.

Alex in NZ1 year ago

Really neat, and completely insane. I love it! Thank you for showing this.

Can you also whistle the relevant bleeps and chirps?

lewisb42 (author)  Alex in NZ1 year ago

When needed, I have a keychain gadget that makes R2D2 sounds :)

Matlek1 year ago

Ahah I love it! Great work!