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Picture of Enamel Pin Frame Display

My recent obsession with enamel pins has me buying pins left and right AND with no way to display these cute works of art. Hence the creation of the Enamel Pin Frame Display project.

This project is quite simple and you will have your enamel pin collection displayed in no time!

Step 1: ​Disassemble Frame

Picture of ​Disassemble Frame
  • You will only need the frame part for the final product.
  • Keep the glass for the next step...

* If you would like to paint your frame a different color, now would be a good time to do so before proceeding to the next step.

smujmaiku made it!2 days ago
This a great way to display my growing pin collection. I substituted for a dollar floor mat and wire mesh I had left over from my local hardware store.
JayBear622 days ago
Really well made instructions, plain and clear. Thank you. I'm going to do this!
AlexT3064 days ago
This looks great. It was an awesome idea to make it hinged so you can close it up when your pins aren't on display.
zakbobdop13 days ago
Perfect way to show off pins to friends!
YES!! This is fantastic! In Odyssey of the Mind, pin trading is an integral part of competition and meeting other teams from around the world. In order to trade, you have to display the pins so people can see them easily, which ironically, is not easy.This solves that problem perfectly! I'm making one as soon as I can!! :D
What a great looking display! Using the mesh inside is so smart :D