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Picture of Enclosure for the Blinky Makey PCB

Enclosure for the Blinky Makey PCB

The Change Log can be found in the last step.

A little story...

At this year's Maker Faire Vienna I bought Blinky Makey for my kids and myself. It is a kit to learn to solder. (If you want to read more about the board, have a look at the STEP More about Blinky Makey.)

Back home we unpacked it and started to assemble everything. After half an hour Makey was ready for a test. So we put the battery in place, switched it on and the light show started.

The finished kit can be worn around the neck with a lanyard. For visits at a Maker Faire quite useful, but rather unsuitable at home.

So what to do with the finished kit after soldering?

  • Storing it inside drawers => No!
  • Laying it on the table => Maybe ..., but No!
  • Position it upright on the table => Yes!

But how to achieve that?


After some brainstorming, I decided it would be best to put Makey in a kind of "Snap-Fit Enclosure" which looks like an additional skin or armor around the PCB.

No sooner said than done.

Let's go!

In this Instructables, I want to show you - How to build an Enclosure for the Blinky Makey PCB.

Step 1: ​Tools, Materials and Software That I Used

Tools, Materials and Software that I used