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Picture of Epoxy & Turquoise Stone River Style Board

This river inspired board is made with wood, turquoise stones and epoxy resins. I got this idea because I recently picked up a piece of holly wood, which is very light in color which made me think of sand. To contrast the wood, I figured turquoise stones would be beautiful, and then I also got some seashells to go all out. Let's make the board! Also, make sure to watch the complete build video with all the steps and the final result.

Step 1: Cutting to Size

Picture of Cutting to Size
Screenshot (1488).png
Screenshot (1489).png
Screenshot (1490).png

I began with marking out where on the board I wanted to create this piece. The wood had a few knots and some movement and I thought it would be nice to plan out the rivers where the patterns naturally occurred. I cut the board into a rough shape using the jigsaw.

Nicely done! What kind of clamps are on your work table? They’re cool
Frank14502 months ago
Beautiful project! The 'Rivers' look completely natural. I think that was a great idea. I've seen lots of live edge table projects but you first have to find the right piece of wood. You made your own design. I will use your ideas in the future. Thanks for sharing.
SusanP1702 months ago
Great project.... Can I ask a question please, did you put the shellac all over the board including over the turquoise and epoxy? Thanks xx
darbinorvar (author)  SusanP1702 months ago
Yes, I put on shellac over the entire board.
Thanks for your quick response..... The board is amazing!!
Ocelotsden2 months ago
Beautiful, nice work!
darbinorvar (author)  Ocelotsden2 months ago
folkhero2 months ago
Wouldn't running your stones through a rock tumbler for a couple of hours to knock off the sharp edges saved a lot of sandpaper?
darbinorvar (author)  folkhero2 months ago
Sure, and make sure the routed rivers are a little deeper so they're not protruding.
attosa2 months ago
Wow this is gorgeous!!