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Picture of Ever Blooming Mechanical Tulip

Everlasting flower for your everlasting love. A perfect not-only Valentine's day gift to your loved one. This mechanical tulip will bloom into any color possible with just gentle touch of your hand. Its six petals will slowly open and light up. When petals are closed they create incredible ambient light with leaf patterns.

Step 1: How Does It Work?

Picture of How Does It Work?

But before I will tell you how to create this beauty, let's talk briefly about how it works. Tulip consists of 6 petals each with 5 SMD white LEDs. Each petal is connected with one of the Arduino output pins. Blossom hides 7 NeoPixel RGB LEDs. From an electrical point of view, the whole flower is ground and veins in petals are a positive voltage. Petals are opened by a pushrod which is going all the way down the stem to the base. The pushrod is controlled by a movement of a small hobby servo. Small leaf on the side of the stem is connected to TTP223 touch sensor inside the base and creates a capacitive touchpad. The wooden base contains a servo motor, touch IC and Arduino Nano. Let's build one yourself!

What are you gonna need?

  • 1mm brass rod
  • 2mm brass tubing with 1, 2mm hole
  • 0.3mm copper wire with insulation
  • Some wood for pedestal
  • Arduino Nano
  • TTP223 touch sensor
  • Small servo

What you need to know before you start

  • How to solder brass (great article)
  • How to build with Arduino
  • How to use servos
  • How to use LEDs and NeoPixels

I am not telling you any dimensions of the components and exact shape of the blossom. I think every flower should be a unique one.

k77.wolf made it!3 months ago
My Ever Blooming Mechanical Tulip.
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Hi could you help me please? My blossom does not turn off... it remains turned on but it does change color
gewkwn made it!3 months ago
I almost built a similar. Thanks for the idea.
georgek25 gewkwn2 months ago
Some photos on process. Thanks for the idea .
SebastianK743 months ago
EvanT4 made it!4 months ago
Thank you so much for posting this instructable. I love the way the flower turned out when I made it. I added a second capacitive touch sensor to add more features.
jiripraus (author)  EvanT44 months ago
Increadible work! I am so glad, the intructable is working!
Hman5455 months ago
My progress so far, still a lot to do...
jiripraus (author)  Hman5455 months ago
Awesome! This looks like one of mine!
miranda_sarmi5 months ago
wow me encanta! que buen trabajo!!!
Chernushavus6 months ago
Super! i was very impressed, when saw it first time) now i made the same) Thanks!!!!!
jiripraus (author)  Chernushavus6 months ago
I am totally impressed! It looks increadible. Can it move? I would like to use your photo, is it ok? I would like to make collection of derivates :) moves almost like original) you may use my photo as you wish,i can add more)
jiripraus (author)  Chernushavus5 months ago
Increadible work! It's totally awesome. I am glad it is doable :)
ИльяП126 months ago
Hey bro. This is amazing! But could you tell me at least approximate dimensions and proportions?
Litzinger6 months ago
Looks awesome. I saw this and it reminded me of a video I saw about flowers and thought with the lights it would look cool. I've seen it done with just nail polish too. Doing something like this, I don't think would hide the mechanics of it either. Just thought I would share.
jiripraus (author)  Litzinger6 months ago
Nice, I was considering using some kind of paper or cloth to cover the petals. I decided not to, maybe next time :)
kalikcat6 months ago
Where did you get the 2mm brass tubing from
jiripraus (author)  kalikcat6 months ago
Hi, at my local hobby model shop. They have various brass rods and tubings for model building purposes.
Looks beautiful, you are a artist!
jiripraus (author)  materia_historia6 months ago
Thank you.
I absolutely love this and I want to make one myself. What kind of servo did you use and how much wiring and stuff did you use? I'm not really that good at guessing how much I need. And I don't know if it changes what kind of servo I need, but I don't plan on working with Arduino, that maybe seems a little bit too hard for me.
kalikcat6 months ago
Where did you get the 2mm brass tubing from?
GreigW16 months ago
Where did you source the .3mm clear insulated wire from? I'm coming up empty handed everywhere I look. Plenty of red, white, green, black, blue etc. Thanks.
jiripraus (author)  GreigW16 months ago
Hi, at the local electronics components store. They had various diameters. It's also called a transformator wire, or wire with clear insulation.
For example here
WilliamM256 months ago
Hi Jiri!, just to have as a reference, could you give us some details of the measurements of one of the petals (length, width at the midpoint, measure of the base, etc). Thank you.
jiripraus (author)  WilliamM256 months ago
Hi, the whole flower is about 30cm tall. You should be able to deduce all the other sizes by yourself. Again. I would like every flower to look different. So that's why I am not giving exact blueprints :)
rvogel176 months ago
Hey! How did you get "follow" links on this piece? Thanks!
jiripraus (author)  rvogel176 months ago
Hi, what do you mean? Not sure I understand.
GlennC346 months ago
Very nice piece. I hope you win the contest. Let me know if you have ones for sale. Peace!
what_are6 months ago
Wow this is awesome dude, thanks for your cool project :D
shalbk6 months ago
You deserve to be a grand prize winner of epilog x contest hats off to your creativity and putting things together. Simply great.
Mic1006 months ago
thanks for this amazing instructable :)
chuckyd6 months ago
Did you not review the soldering video before posting it? It is totally worthless. You concealed what you were doing. Go back and look at it for yourself.
jiripraus (author)  chuckyd6 months ago
I am sorry for that, I know. It's not the best. This is my first video ever taken of me soldering something. I need to learn to do it properly. On the other hand this was the only footage I had so I decided to use it anyway.
satxsatx6 months ago
Amazing, successful amalgam of creativity, art, and technology

Thanks for the result, and thanks for the detailed how-to

I just have to try this
jiripraus (author)  satxsatx6 months ago
Let me know the result :)
chrisjlionel6 months ago
Da vinci of this generation. Awesome work.
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