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Picture of Everyday Carry Wallet for the Rest of Us
I love those cool everyday carry wallets. You know- holds a knife or a nice multi tool, flashlight, extra magazines and maybe a grenade. Ok, maybe a little overboard.
All that coolness aside, I’m not the kind of guy who can carry those everyday (or even every other day).
So I decided to pick out the items I needed for my everyday and came up with my go around the world essentials
Passport, really nice pen, extra power charger for my phone and a cigar cutter.

You can choose any of the items you want - this instructable will show you how to make one for my list of everyday carry or yours

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Items you want to use for your everyday carry. I chose my passport, pen, powerblock and cigar cutter.
Leather - depends on what you would like to make.
For this Instructable you need:
6-8 oz. leather (2.4mm to 3.2 mm thick) cut to 4-1/2” by 6”
1 piece of soft leather (chrome tanned) like upholstery scrap 1-2 oz. (0.4-0.8mm thick) cut to 5”x6”

For the leather I decided to use that pile of leather I bought early on in working with leather (or your loved one bought for you) that has scrap hide pieces (legs, strips of bellies), pieces of tannery color swatches from garment and shoemakers. You know, stuff you really don’t know how to use and there is never a second piece of the same color.
El Cuervo4 months ago
El proyecto es bonito, y para ejercitarse está perfecto! Pero NO es práctico, para el uso diario!!!
LouN14 months ago
"cigar cutter." you can't carry that, it's an OFFENSIVE.... uh something!
:) Nice job btw.
seamster4 months ago
Very nice, multi-function wallet. I like it : )
Expara (author)  seamster4 months ago
Thank you. Please try to make one