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I was working on an unrelated puzzle when the idea for this came to mind.

Why not a vault that could be tailored for any theoretical length of opening phrase. Parts of this were inspired from seeing other vaults and from ones that I have previously made.

In this example I have used an 11 letter name.

I played with it at 2 rings for a while, somehow it was oddly satisfying

Step 1: The Parts

Picture of The Parts

The body consists of 4 individual components.

The 2 part locking rings, which have an alphabet ring and selector ring that friction fit together.

The spacer which houses the individual puzzle rings

The base which acts as a foundation for the puzzle

The inner vault has two components, the end cap and the vault spacer.

schockmade7 months ago
I love the expansion idea. Original? Either way, brilliant.
Random_Canadian (author)  schockmade7 months ago
Thank you. I have come to realize that there is very liuttle that could be considered truly original...
Great design and very clean. I designed my first one four years ago and it was no where near as complex. I got some new ideas from your design and appreciate the work you put into this.
PeterNLewis7 months ago
I actually made one of these (scarily almost identical, although a bit smaller and only five rings) for my Dad for his 80th birthday present about a year ago. He still hasn't gotten in to it ;-). You were clearly inspired by some of the same images I found of Cryptex on the net - your alphabet ring is almost identical to mine. I meant to write it up as an Instructable, but now I guess I don't have to (although perhaps the OpenSCAD files would be useful since they are all parameterised so the settings (like size and number of rings) can all be adjusted. Nice job.
Random_Canadian (author)  PeterNLewis7 months ago
Thank you. It is always a good idea to get your projects out there, I find that most are able to contribute to the whole in some way... If you do get around to it, let me know, I would like to see your take..