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Picture of Motion Follow Animatronics Eyes

This Arduino project uses an Optical Flow Sensor (ADNS3080) to capture movement.

Then translate the data to move servo's making it look as eyes are following moving object.

This is not an easy build.

It requires 3d printing, soldering, some general technical understanding and problem solving as this guide cannot be 100% perfect.

I will do my best to make this as comprehensive and illustrative as I can.

Feel free to ask questions and leave your comments.

I want to thank the "maker" community and all the people who share there projects.

Now Lest make some cool motion follow eye animatronics.

Step 1: Overview

Picture of Overview
skystream1723 months ago
What are the lengths of the screws? You don't specify. I've already got this this 75% printed before I realized I don't know what length of screws to order.
galor-nim (author)  skystream1723 months ago
m3 10mm
m2 8mm
galor-nim (author)  skystream1723 months ago
M2 L300mm Link Stainless Steel Connecting Rod with Dual End Thread for Servos.
You will have to cut therm to length.
I will update exact length...
No, not the connecting rods... The lengths of the screws. Example... You list M2 and M3 screws... But what length of the shaft? M2 and M3 refer to the size of the hole they fit. You are missing the length dimensions. How does one know which ones to buy?
skystream1723 months ago
Wrong universal joints listed. I ordered these and they were far too small. :(
galor-nim (author)  skystream1723 months ago
I am sorry abut that, I did made a mistake :(.
The correct size: 11/23 with M4 screws
alcurb4 months ago
The text of Step 7 doesn't make sense to me unless it relates to a schematic that I wasn't able to find in your Instructable.
galor-nim (author)  alcurb4 months ago
schematic uploaded.
galor-nim (author)  alcurb4 months ago
Soon I will upload schematic
shahrokhani4 months ago
fantastic idea...
RobeT14 months ago
capilliary not capillary
DDW_OR4 months ago
now put a POE camera in one of the eyeballs. then connect it to a DVR or NVR
POE = Power Over Ethernet = RJ-45
DVR = Digital Video Recorder = old school BNC cameras
NVR = Network Video Recorder = Cellphone
I LOVE it!
All kinds of Halloween ideas...
This might be the project that makes me buy a 3D printer.

For anyone doing any kind if project with RC servos, I highly recommend a “servo tester”.
They are not expensive and allow you to do all kinds of testing (like limits, binding etc.) without messing around with scripts.

There are tons of manufacturers and levels of sophistication - some allow you to see/set the PWM value digitally.

Here’s a link to the cheapo one I have.
(I can’t believe this vendor is selling a three pack for much less than I paid for one).

(I have no affiliation with or connection to this vendor).
mckeephoto4 months ago
Oh, man, this is amazing! I have had an idea for a while for a jar of eyeballs that will focus on someone when they get close to the jar. This could be the instructable that gets that project started! Thank you for posting it!
galor-nim (author)  mckeephoto4 months ago
Please share your result.
JuanA2104 months ago
amazing i enjoy it congrats