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Picture of Fairy Light Lamp - Battery Powered - No Soldering

I bought this 4 pack of LED fairy lights last year, I think I paid $16 for the box. I finally came up with a project to use them on but I ran in to an issue with the on/off switch. I knew I wanted to make a lamp but didn't want to have to turn it over to turn it on or attach the power pack to the back of the wood stand. After a little bit of experimenting I was able to make what is basically an extension for the button using a wooden dowel (I was going to use a metal dowel but changed my mind) and a small piece of brass tubing. It worked out quite well.

Step 1:

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These are the fairy lights I bought. I bought that at a local store but they can be found on Amazon.

Amazon Link for Fairy Lights

AnandM546 months ago
Nice idea and did it !!
danthemakerman (author)  AnandM546 months ago
Thank you!