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Picture of Fallen Branch Lamp

Give a new life to a fallen tree branch by turning it into an awesome mood light! It is a great way to bring some of nature´s finest design into your home!

Fallen branch lamp as the name suggests is a branch with a light source integrated into it. What makes it special is that you can not find two identical ones, ever! Every lamp is unique and has a very particular feeling to it, sort of telling a story of the tree that it used to be.

This instructable came about after my girlfriend saw the Indoor Lighting contest and suggested that I should do another lamp and show you guys how I did it. I have done a few similar lights in the past and as it really only takes a few hours to make I said why not. I really like these types of lamps because of the different textures and colours they have plus the shadow looks really cool as well! More photos in the final step!

Let`s get started!

PS: The lamp you see in the thumbnail is not the one I am making in this ´ible, but it was made in a very similar manner. I just had a really good picture of it.

The light you see me make here is named "Condumbra" and it is made from Bird Cherry (Prunus padus). It is actually for sale so send me a private message if you are interested!

Step 1: What You Will Need!

Picture of What You Will Need!

The only materials you will need are:

  • A retro LED light bulb*
  • A light socket
  • An electrical cord with a switch
  • A can of spray lacquer

Tools you will need are:

  • A hand saw
  • A pointy tool like a chisel
  • Small screwdriver
  • A glue gun
  • Sanding block
  • Drill and a drill bit
  • Non-woven abrasive pad

Of course, the possibilities are endless with this project. You could add all the bells and whistles you can come up with.

On the lamp with a really big bulb, I also decided to add a dimmer switch. It is a great way to adjust the light for the mood you have! Two important things you have to remember when adding a dimmer is that the LED bulb has to be dimmable and the dimmer itself has to be rated for LED-bulb.

*Use LEDs because they are much more efficient and do not give out so much heat. Wood and heat work well in a wood burner but not so well in the corner of your room!

DeannaLK10 days ago
I absolutely love this! So simple and beautiful....thanks for the inspiration!
CraftAndu (author)  DeannaLK5 days ago
My pleasure!
Serdahely23 days ago
hey there, Love your idea and gonna do it as well,
BUT I'm afraid about the polarity stuff.
here's why:
maybe bulbs dont mind the hot/neutral swap, but humans do. imagine changing that bulb and you touch the half screwed side of the bulb. if that's the live 230V (im also european ;) ),
then we will need one more man to change the bulb. I think we should keep the HOT on CENTER tab, far away from our five flimsy sausages :-) anyway it's astonishing project, congrats ad thanks:)
Keep it up! :-)
CraftAndu (author)  Serdahely22 days ago
Hey! You are right as well! I have added a correction to the fourth step. Thanks for pointing it out!
I would absolutely love to see how your lamp turns out!
Hey again, I dont mean to be rude or anything, I really love your idea! I just suggest that you should consider this type of wiring for the bulb, just for safety reasons if somebody touches the screw-part. If the screw-part of the socket is charged, someone can be harmed. The screw-part should always be neutral and the center tab should be 230V.
PS: I´ve voted for your project in the Indoor Lighting contest :) great job!
enjoy your great day!
safety bulb 230V.jpg
CraftAndu (author)  Serdahely22 days ago
Hey, do not worry about it, we all learn something new every day :)
CraftAndu (author)  CraftAndu22 days ago
And thanks for the vote!
edingtony23 days ago
It does make a difference where the wire goes. The National Electrical Codes requires that the neutral wire is connected to the screw shell and the hot wire is tied to the center contact in the center of the socket. The reason for this is that when screwing or unscrewing the bulb, if the hot wire or switched wire is connected to the screw shell, it is possible that if you touched the thread on the bulb you could be shocked. The light will work either way, but this is the proper way to connect a socket.
CraftAndu (author)  edingtony22 days ago
Yes, of course! You are absolutely right! I will add our comment to the wiring step ;)
sarawelder26 days ago
Lovely idea well done! Any problem with insects?
CraftAndu (author)  sarawelder26 days ago
Thank you very much!
No, I have never had any problems with insects. I think the key to that is to use compressed air for cleaning but it is also worth inspecting the branch before making it into a lamp.
And even if there where insects, the easy solution would be to leave it in a dry place for some time.
Looks very expensive and high quality lamp. Such a good idea. And also it is plastic free.
Love it! You have my vote.
CraftAndu (author)  Honeybeehappy26 days ago
This is a really awesome idea, and the results are beautiful! Great job!
CraftAndu (author)  WeTeachThemSTEM1 month ago
Thanks! I appreciate it!