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Picture of Faux Barn Boards!

So the old reclaimed Barn board look is really the "in" thing. It can be very expensive for the real thing or even the reproduction stuff at your local big name store. Here is a very cheap way to get some nice results using everyday things to make new cheap wood look very old. This project cost me about $60.

Step 1: Let's Get Started!

Picture of Let's Get Started!

1. So the boards will be new....and they will look it. I first lay em out in the driveway for a day or so turning them over every few hours...try to dry em out as much as possible. To get rid of the bright tan and orange color I mix up a black wash. Just some black latex paint watered down.....enough to turn the water black. It goes a long way. I just brush the black water on and let it dry. This gives a nice sorta stained gray look as if the boards have been sitting for a long time.

2. So I like to get the unpainted boards done first. I stack a few up and drill a few holes, screw in several drywall screws, bang with hammer...just beat em up a bit...remove screws. I do this on all of the boards.

3. Using the hang held torch I start to go to work on the planks.....a few, I take extra time and go dark with the burning...a few I go medium....the burning really brings out the grain. I follow the grain with the torch to make it look more natural. So depending on how large of an area being covered you may only need 2 or three.

satosi2 months ago
The wood burning reminds me of the Japanese technique of burning the surface of wood to make it resistant to water. It's called shou sugi ban and is incredibly beautiful. I snarfed a photo to post which shows the results of that technique.

Great project!
brucedenney2 months ago
What type of glue is Elmers, it is a name we do not have in the UK, is it PVA?
JasonF205 (author)  brucedenney2 months ago
It's a PVA....we would call it school glue!
Elmer's is a brand name for a type of PVA sold in the US:
Yes! It's white and the consistency of pancake batter. In the US we also call it "school glue".
Pizzaface2 months ago
Love the look!! I had no redecorating plans but now i do!
seamster2 months ago
Excellent info, all around. The glue/paint trick is going into my long term brain storage, so thank you tons for that alone. And a great looking wall, my wife will want me to do the same in our place! : D
JasonF205 (author)  seamster2 months ago
Thank you!
eka12 months ago
Looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing
JasonF205 (author)  eka12 months ago