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Picture of Faux Brick Walls

We will be making "brick" walls and sections... Using joint compound

Supplies and tools needed:

1. you will need Joint Compound, a 4.5 gallon container is around $25. at any Hardware store, I bought this at the Home Depot.

2. masking tape to make the joint lines, 1/2 inch looks the best but it's hard to find...I buy the 1 inch tape and cut it down with a razor knife. A level, carpenters pencil or marker

3. a few different size putty knife's and a tape measure.

4. 1 brick to use as a template

5. brick colored flat latex interior wall paint, light gray flat wall paint, (you can use white) and some flat black paint

6. a bit of 80 grit sand paper

7. paint brush, floor tarp, water and rags

Step 1: Getting the Brick Look

Picture of Getting the Brick Look

1.Using the brick as a pattern, set it on the floor and use it to draw a line on the wall. Every few feet use the brick to draw a line on the wall. Use the straight edge level to connect the lines all the way across the area.

2. Using the 1/2 inch tape, apply it directly to the wall just on top of the line...this is now your grout line.

3. Using the brick now repeat that step for the next row of brick....I keep repeating this until all of the "rows" are done.

4. Now using the brick, set it back on the floor and draw a line on the side, this is the layout for the brick

5. start using the tape vertically...repeat this step all the way will now have a "row" of brick laid out with the tape.

6. Now start the second row by starting the first brick at the center of the first...this will give you the alternating patter.

7. just repeat until you have the section covered with tape!

Melteague451 month ago
About how many square feet does the joint compound cove?
JoeAconite3 months ago
Would be a neat design idea to make human outlines on walls, so it looks like those moments when cartoons hit a wall and make a silhouette of bricks.
PauliusP4 made it!7 months ago
Great instructable. Made it myself. Probably putting the colour into the compound would have been easier, but on the other hand, painting gives you an option to change colours. Looks very nice!
JasonF205 (author)  PauliusP47 months ago
Looks GREAT!!
boocat9 months ago
Terrific looking!
ElizabethLeona11 months ago

Loved it. Thanks for sharing. What can I use for an outside wall? Will appreciate your reply.

JasonF205 (author)  ElizabethLeona11 months ago

For an outside wall I would think you could use stucco?

Thanks,will try.

Artuino1 year ago

fantastic work!..very creative.

rjbosco1 year ago

It looks fantastic! One benefit you had in your project is that you were working with cinder block, which has a rough texture. That makes the grout lines look more realistic. I suspect if working on a drywall “canvas” the grout lines might look a little too clean. Still, very impressive.

bvargo rjbosco1 year ago

There are sanded faux finishes at THD that you could use to simulate mortar in between the bricks and I imagine that you could just mix mason sand in with latex paint and get a similar effect. Block has the wrong particle size to simulate mortar anyway.

Mobilyeah1 year ago

I love it, It's not too hard. I think i will try. Thanks

That's an awesome idea!!

EmptyChild1 year ago
Nice. Curious how long this takes?
A couple ideas for people with less patience...

#1. Paint the wall grout color, get a brick sized sponge & paint the bricks on. (probably use guide lines) I've seen this done on a garage floor just using the bare concrete for the grout color. (They used a clear sealant on top)

#2. Paint the whole surface brick color, using faux finish techniques, so its not monochrome. Then add the grout lines on top. Saw a professional artist do this for a bar. (May take considerable skill.)

These won't be as realistic as yours, but from a distance you can fool a lot of people.
JasonF205 (author)  EmptyChild1 year ago

Really only took a few hours each night....first 2 nights I let the compound dry 24hrs and the last night was the paint.....that did take a while on the full wall.

Pa19631 year ago

Definiely faster and prolly cheaper to go to Home Depot and buy a 4' x 8' sheet of faux brick. $26.97/sheet here in L.A. area. Otherwise, awesome job!

JasonF205 (author)  Pa19631 year ago

yes but it doesn't look very real and if you are doing a 12' wall you will see the seams. For about $30 I can do a whole wall.

And I saw your Skulls Great Job!! going to try my hand at those...

no need to reply I saw you are in Fl..

Your Hired!! where do you live??

Definitely giving me ideas about a Coyote and Roadrunner brick wall.

That wall is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Brian M V1 year ago

thanks for sharing your techniques!
hope to be trying this in the near future!

that's so neat! Saving it for future reference :)

Pumuggel1 year ago

Being efficient (others may say: lazy), I wonder whether the following would work:

1. Paint the whole wall in the white or light gray colour of the grout lines in the very first step.

2. Mixing the brick colour into the compound, so the "bricks" are not only painted on the surface and you only have to do some finishing work (e.g. the darker bricks) at the end instead of the whole hand-painting process.

JasonF205 (author)  Pumuggel1 year ago

Sooooo...I have tried...the problem is that if you ad paint to the compound it becomes thin and it's tough to get it to stick to the wall without running need a ton of paint to make it dark enough...some sort of powder pigment might work?

Good point on liquid paint making the compound too runny. But the dry pigment ideal might work. I've used it in concrete and it works pretty well. Would require experimentation to get the right hues and colors. May turn out to be easiest and fastest just to do it the way you did originally.

yes there is powdered pigment for concrete that would work fine in this application. Home depot or Loews sells it. Also if your using liquid paint and the compound becomes runny, just add some dry compound to the mix

That sounds like a great idea to make it even easier, go faster, and possibly last longer.

dewey3021 year ago

Very cool. And I liked Pumuggel's comment above regarding mixing color into the joint compound right from the beginning. You could make up small batches of compound each with slightly different color mix and then apply to alternating "bricks" as you go to create a natural variety of coloring. Great Instructable.

JasonF205 (author)  dewey3021 year ago

The only problem with mixing paint into the compound is that it thins the compound and makes it hard to build up enough without it wanting to sag and run off the wall.

livluv1 year ago

That's wonderful!

1. What do you think of Pumuggel's idea about painting the wall gray, and then mixing the brick color into the compound?

2. How much material did you use per area?

3. Step 5: "On the darker bricks, after they dry I go over with a dry brush of the light colored paint". What does it mean, to go over with a dry brush?

Thanks a lot for this i'ble. Now I just have to find a wall somewhere...

JasonF205 (author)  livluv1 year ago

WOW...ok..the idea sounds good but this is what works for me...adding paint to the compound will make it tough to get a heavy coat to will want to run off. I used a whole pail for one wall. I used another pail to do several wall sections. The finish dry brush means that you use very little paint on the brush so it's almost dry and lightly brush over the top of the brick.

Very realistic!

How much do you suppose the faux brick part weighs? I thought about doing the outside of my garage doors for a unique look, but the weight might be an issue for the opener motors. (I don't know how much play I have available to balance it with the springs.)

JasonF205 (author)  wjcarpenter1 year ago

It depends on how much you use...I would NOT use it for outdoors unless you could really seal it well and it needs to be on a wall that isn't going to be rubbed or banged into.

For this setup moisture is not your friend, would need to seal really really good or it would slough off at first mist.

necchiom1 year ago


altomic1 year ago

if I had a crappy 1980s volvo station wagon then I'd do this to the outside. your garage wall looks awesome. I grew up in a "wolf proof" house with the same colour bricks as you have made and your wall looks just like my old house.

Very nice job!

Eh Lie Us!1 year ago

wow. that was mind blowing.

thank you for sharing.

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