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Picture of Faux Engraved Stone

I just love stone! And the artist in me is always seeing ‘new canvasses’ to paint on! During some recent gardening I was looking at a pile of flagstone… What to do?!

This Simple Faux Stone Engraving technique combines a bit of imagination (technology) and paint to imitate stone chiseling. It looks amazingly real but is very easy to do.

Everyone keeps asking how did I engrave that stone?!

Step 1: ​Step 1: The Letters

Picture of ​Step 1: The Letters

Find yourself a stone of shape and size you like. The flatter smooth stones are better, but it’s not that crucial. Use some digital software to pick a font and size. Even Microsoft Word can work as long as you enlarge enough. Do try to keep it simple and traditional, but that’s just the typographer in me talking.

Most home printers handle a letter size paper, but if you need larger you can print in pieces and tape them together. If you measure first it’s easier to plan. Size and place as you like, and tape into place with masking tape.

amazing job !
mcorbin14 days ago
I really like this. I have a large stone that I was going to try engraving numbers into with my dremel tool, but this is a much better idea.
What suggestions do you have for color if my stone is darker?
MadeByBarb (author)  mcorbin14 days ago
Nice Rock! I love the greenish hues. It will just be less contrasty. The mid-tones should be about the same colour as the rock and then the high-lights and shadows different. Don't be afraid to use some colour in the mix as just adding black is a bit of a 'colour deadener'. Stand back and see how it looks or an artist's trick; squint your eyes and it will give you the basic idea. Hope that helps!
McBaza20 days ago
Great idea and the outcome looks amazing!

Question - what did you use to seal it afterwards so that you don't have to repaint it every year?
MadeByBarb (author)  McBaza19 days ago
So far it's held good! (over 3 years) I find if it's on a vertical surface that does not stay wet it lasts well. The rougher texture also holds paint well. I have rocks that the kids painted about 15 years ago. I find the more layers the more chance to peel.
PatL3820 days ago
Find a friend with a Cricut or Brother cutting machine and make a stencil.

MadeByBarb (author)  PatL3819 days ago
Ah yes! I actually have a machine but I have not found the time to learn all it's abilities! I'm pretty quick with my hands...
rozzieozzie19 days ago
Very cool! My sister in law taught tole painting, and this reminds me of some of her projects. In my spare time, I'll have to try this!
MadeByBarb (author)  rozzieozzie19 days ago
I've done much but I don't think I've done tole! Hmmm, something to checkout!
fdc31319 days ago
Really nice post, I like the results
chefspenser20 days ago
BRAVO! Got my vote due to the pinging technique. Thanks for sharing!
Gusgonnet20 days ago
lovely work, I didn't even recognize the original tree. Super beautiful after the work you did.
I have learned so many tricks with this instructable and your full garden make.
Well done and thank you for letting us see it (and enjoy it) in pictures!
shylynchair20 days ago
Barb, another fantastic instructable! Consider my vote cast in your direction!
It's amazing what the human eye thinks it sees, especially from a distance.../nate
BrittLiv21 days ago
Such a fun idea and very well executed!
MadeByBarb (author)  BrittLiv21 days ago
That's just the start, there are so many possibilities!
Dumbphone22 days ago
This is brilliant! Your letter painting is awesome, and looks like engravings. Wow.
Awsome painting tips!