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Picture of Faux Leather Belts and Straps With Craft Foam

A large percentage of costumes include some form of belts and straps whether it be actual functional belts, holster straps, or just decorative ones. While a lot of these have the appearance of leather, a lot of costumers opt out of leather due to cost, difficulty level, or a desire to avoid animal cruelty. This tutorial will help you with making realistic looking leather out of craft foam. It's really easy to do, doesn't cost a lot in materials, and can look really great!

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Step 1:

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Before following any of the below tips, you'll want to figure out how long and how wide you want your belts and straps to be and cut them out of your sheets of craft foam. For my Kanan cosplay I'm using 1.5" strips for my belt and 1" strips for my holster straps. Since I need the belt to go all the way around me and be seamless, I cut it from a big roll of craft foam. You can piece together a longer piece out of smaller pieces but for belts and straps that may be a little weight-bearing, I wouldn't recommend it. The smaller sheets of craft foam are great for smaller straps or making straps and buckles on things like bags and pouches. While it's only optional, I like to cut double the amount of pieces and make them two-sided. Not only does this add strength but gives them more physicality and helps with the realism.

RosieLJ6 months ago
That's really impressive! I'll definitely credit you if I make any "leather" stuff for my 1/3 scale miniatures using this method. I don't use real leather and dislike commercial vinyl substitutes because both can be expensive.
billythebrickcosplay (author)  RosieLJ6 months ago
Oh, I'd love to see some of those miniatures!