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Picture of Faux Marble - Resin Painting

Natural textures like stone and minerals are all trending in the interior design world at the moment, but those finishes can get expensive quick. This tutorial will show you step by step how to use resin and acrylic paints to create the finish you desire.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Picture of Gather Your Materials
    Since we are working with resin on this project there will be time constraint. You will have about 45 minutes from the time you initially mix your resin to complete your painting before it begins to harden and thicken. With that in mind you'll want to gather all of your materials in advance and have them close at hand.

    Plastic Drop Cloth

    Clear Packing Tape

    Pre-wrapped Canvas or Wood Panel

    Aluminum Pan

    Disposable Gloves


    Popsicle sticks

    Disposable Measuring Cup

    Disposable Cups

    Acrylic Paint

    Metallic Pigment or Ink (Optional)

    Glitter (Optional)

    Silicon Oil (Optional)

    Heat Gun (Optional

Brian9966 months ago
How durable would this be on a formica kitchen counter top?
MckenzieH4 (author)  Brian9966 months ago
I've never tried it on Formica but restaurants use it on their table tops all the time because it is very durable.
Genial!!!! muchas gracias, me encanta tu idea. Tienes otras similares?
Saludos desde Colombia!
seamster7 months ago
Awesome, this is so nice to see this process. Thank you!
v1nce_nt7 months ago
Looks great!
tomatoskins7 months ago
I've always wanted to try this! You make it look so easy!
MckenzieH4 (author)  tomatoskins7 months ago
It so is! You have to give it a try :)