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Picture of Faux Sea Glass

If you have ever been walking the beach and found a piece of sea glass you know how beautiful it can be. Sea glass was made when someone, a long time ago, tossed something glass into the ocean, and over the years of it rolling around in the sand and surf it finally found its way onto shore. What was shards of broken glass at one time in history is now a smooth piece of frosted glass. I am not patient enough to throw glass into the ocean and wait for a decade or so for more sea glass, so I make imitation sea glass my self.

To make faux sea glass you will need:

1- a bunch of broken glass
2- a rock tumbler
3- grit (silicone carbide works best)
4- water
5- a little patience

Step 1: Get a bunch of broken colorful and clear glass.

Picture of Get a bunch of broken colorful and clear glass.

Making faux sea is easy as long as you have a little patience. Start with a bunch of broken glass. I tend to like using older glass bottles, they were colorful and the glass was thicker than current bottles. I pick them up at flea markets and yard sales. If you can't find old glass then champagne bottles work well since the are generally colored and the glass is thicker than wine bottles. I break them up in a bucket with a hammer, and then I keep a bucket of broken glass around ready for my next project. You want large and small pieces, especially since when you are done the glass will be smaller than when you started.

Gadisha7 months ago
Looks very nice... too bad I don't have access to a rock tumbler.
JLR19 Gadisha6 months ago
they are easy to get, Amazon sells them
I would just LOVE to make my own sea glass :)