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Picture of Faux Wood Panels!

So a friend had a garage door in her business that everyone would see and needed to dress it up. It had to be super light weight so the door would still open. This is an easy fun project and can be used in many applications.

Step 1: Let's Get Started!

Picture of Let's Get Started!

1. Cut the panels to size (all depends on where you will use them) I used the straight edge (I used a drywall T) to draw out my cut lines then used a razor knife to cut out the panels.

2. Using the straight edge and a sharpie I start to lay out the board pattern. I kept it sort of random with some boards being wider. The idea is that these are recycled barn boards, old and half dried out.

3. Now I start to draw out the wood pattern on each board, I start out with the knot and then draw a random pattern extending away from the knot and keeping the lines about a 1/2 inch from each other. Easy once you get the hang of it.

Amelia7422 months ago
The wood pattern is amazing. you nailed it!

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audreyspency2 months ago
eka12 months ago
This is brilliant and gorgeous!! I’m deff copying for my bathroom overhaul !! Thanks a bunch for sharing
theguido2 months ago
Really good stuff. Certainly takes the stark edge off a typical garage door and makes it much less noticable.
dainsworth2 months ago
Looks great! A beat-up wire brush dragged across the surface of the foam makes for an excellent wood grain effect. Jam the tip of the brush into the foam and twist to create knots.
dsstrainer3 months ago
I love how creative this idea is!
gunnerjake813 months ago
I was going to comment about the dangers of adding weight to garage doors and was instantly impressed with your creativity. Great work!
altomic3 months ago
nice instructable. i'm not going to faux-get it
sheba927663 months ago
That was freakin' cool! This is one of my most favorite Instructables. This could be used in so many applications. Thank you for sharing.
Denzelian3 months ago
Nicely done! Plus it will help insulate the room it's in, so it's practical as well as decorative.
PaulChau3 months ago
Wow, it looks like you really spent a lot of effort on this mate! It looks really great after you've coloured it in and worked out the grooves! The final look is really quite impressive and it's something you're going to be proud of having in your house now!
Eh Lie Us!3 months ago
what kind of witchcraft is this?!? Freaking amazing work. I'd would have added a little 1/2 nest. Or an owl peeking out of tree cavity! :) Thanks for posting.
This looks great and I love how it looks with the faux brick :)
JasonF205 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 months ago
Thank you!
rch3 months ago
Very nice! These turned out quite well.
JasonF205 (author)  rch3 months ago
Thank you!
Mimikry3 months ago
these turned out great - cool project!
JasonF205 (author)  Mimikry3 months ago
Thank you!
XRay73 months ago
Me: "What an insanely great idea! How can anyone be so creative?"
Me: "Oh. It's my already-favorite faux-brick-wall-garage man again. - Well, that explains everything!" :D

Really cool! Hard to believe there's still pink foam underneath there somewhere. :D
JasonF205 (author)  XRay73 months ago
Thank you very much! I mostly build Halloween stuff but this was fun!