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Picture of Felted Fuchsia Fairy Hat
This is a project to make a felted flower hat which is upcycled from a wide brimmed felt hat.
This is not a project to learn how to felt so if you lack felting experience it would be wise to practice a little first. The process used is very basic so you don’t need to be a felting wizard.

For this project you will need
A wide brim felt hat. (I got this one from eBay.)
Felting tools
A steam iron
A felting mat
I used a felting machine. It is not necessary but I am planning to make quite a few hats for chilly fairies who are finding their summer hats inadequate for the winter weather.
Paper to make patterns - I used left over wall paper
Marker pens
Various coloured wool tops - I used a purple blend, a pink blend and a green blend.
Felt sheet - I used purple and green 2mm thickness for this project
Fuse-a-web (appliqué iron on adhesive sheet)
Hot glue and gun
Cheap disposable razors

Step 1: Cutting the brim

Picture of Cutting the brim
To cut the petals from the brim I created a pattern to make certain I was cutting them evenly. To make the pattern I placed my hat onto a piece of wallpaper and drew around the brim. I cut out the circle and folded it into six segments. I measured from the edge of the brim to the bowl and used this measurement to form the center circle, then I cut the petal shapes and placed the pattern over the hat. I drew around the pattern with a pink sharpie and cut out the petals.
Gadisha6 months ago
In my experience it can take some time before you see your Instructable in the competition.
Gadisha6 months ago
Very nice and it is an easy technique :)
Takes less time and wool then wet felting a hat and looks just as good.
audreyobscura6 months ago
These look so magical! The colors of felt you chose really makes this design come to life. Well crafted!