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Picture of Fire Breathing Dragon (Drone)

Yes, this is a fully functional flying, fire breathing dragon!

When I posted the Flying R/C Dragon last year Raitis suggested making it breath fire. I've been keen to do it ever since.

As this involves combining two somewhat dangerous and unpredictable things (a firework and a drone) with significant opportunities for synergy (more danger than the sum of its parts) if you make this please take care. Only fly it outside, wear non-flammable clothing and eye protection.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need

To make your own fire breathing dragon you need:

A medium-sized toy drone (roughly 5 inches / 120mm in span). I have used a Micro Drone (without the camera) here but the pattern will also fit a Crazyflie 2.0.

The PDF template printed on a sheet of regular copier paper.

Some glue, I use UHU but PVA will also work though it takes longer to dry.

A small detail knife (or xacto, scalpel etc), ruler and cutting matt

A small saw of some kind (or bread knife if you don't have a saw)

Two or three light duty elastic bands

Some cake firework candles. I got mine at my local £1 shop (£1 for 6!) but they are available online here in the UK and here in the US.

hey can u post a video of it in night ..?

CraftyRobot (author)  justy.john.394 years ago

I'll try and upload another video soon. I need to make another head as the last one ended up catching fire when I crashed it into a bush.

ok bro , looking forward to it..

LaserByte4 years ago

What if you added an extra radio controlled electric igniter?

CraftyRobot (author)  LaserByte4 years ago

That's a great idea. I think the Micro Drone doesn't have the load capacity (it's more or less maxed out with the dragon body and firework) but I'm hoping to make a Parrot AR Drone the basis for the next version. That has a USB port so might be able to power and control the lighter from that!

You could always use Estes model rocket igniters. They are tiny, one-use wires that will catch on fire for a few seconds when power is applied.

paulell64 years ago

would love to mess with my neoighbors kids and pets with this!!

CraftyRobot (author)  paulell64 years ago

It would be hilarious but please don't!! : /

shanec6634 years ago

this is very dangerous.

Ok this is badass

Might be a fire hazard, but agreed.

McTapeNinja4 years ago
That's just cool.

it would b great at night sky..

wow that looks awesome

megamindkaamil11 months ago
Now make a system that can light the Fire cracker REMOTLY
something like a small servo presing the lighter button.....
DEEJAY6423 years ago

thats cool!!!!! im gonna do it with my drone

Gunter1874 years ago

I love the quad Copter!!!