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Picture of Fire Wood - WOOF !! I Don't Think So

I swear it was all the dogs idea, she (Nala) made me do it.

This whole thing came about when I received a dump truck load of butt end fire wood. (all the small chunks from saw mills ) As I was making my way through the pile cutting my firewood for the next winter, I came across a four and a half foot fir log standing upright. The bark had already been peeled off, so just fooling around, I took my chainsaw and scratched a very rough face into it. My epiphany moment! ( that's when the dog told me what I needed to do )

I had always wanted to try chainsaw carving, after all, the professionals made it look so easy! How difficult could it be? Well, I was about to find out- the hard way.

Over the next couple days I came up with the plan to do a Moai, better known as an Easter Island Head but put my own spin on it. I remembered having seen something similar on a label for a local winery, Beaufort Winery ( ). I learned later that they have one carved on a log out in there garden that stands 15 -20 feet high. It looked fairly simple and possibly something I might be able to pull off.

Step 1: Initial Design and Rough Carving

Picture of Initial Design and Rough Carving

I drew up a few sketches, took them out to the log and roughly transferred my drawing on to the log. Then I fired up my smallest chainsaw with a 14'' bar and proceeded to start cutting. I'm pretty sure that my wife, who had a clear view from a distance of what I was doing, thought I was still just cutting fire wood.

If I couldn't pull this off, did she really need to know what I was up to ? We thought not ( the dog and me )

After way too many hours, then days I managed to get something that kind of resembled my sketches. There is no real way to describe the steps, It was was just a matter of trial and error and taking a little off at a time ( and a lot of patience ). Just keep your sketches or pictures near by and keep referring back to them. To get to this point I ended up using a small ax ,hammer and chisels, a power planer and anything else I could think of. So the pure art of chain saw carving went out the window, I had to finish what I started now that my wife knew what I was up to.

jimwi4 months ago
Very cool I like it.