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Picture of Flying R/C Dragon

Turn a $30 Hubsan Q4 quadcopter into a radio controlled flying papercraft dragon! And make a couple of knights to attack with it - all you need for a seriously epic fantasy battle.

I made this because, whilst R/C quadcopters and papercraft are awesome in their own ways, I thought they would be even more awesome together. Plus I've got my own flying dragon now, who doesn't want one of those? ;)

Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:

1. The Flying Dragon template available in the downloads section here. This should be printed onto normal A4 office paper (roughly 75gsm).

2. A Hubsan Q4 mini quadcopter and control.

3. A self-adhesive sticky pad.

4. A craft knife, cutting mat and glue.

You can also use scissors instead of the knife and cutting mat but it's a bit fiddlier.

george174 years ago

put red led lights in its mouth for fire

CraftyRobot (author)  george174 years ago

Good shout!

Absolutely brilliant. I love it and my daughter whom is dragon mad will love it!!

Thanks for sharing this with us.

CraftyRobot (author)  WiredWebbo1014 years ago

Really glad you like it. If you make one please send a video or vine:

Smushles4 years ago

Uh would this work with the Syma X12? they are the same sort of style but idk if they would work

CraftyRobot (author)  Smushles4 years ago

Looks like it might fit but I've not tried. I'm sure if you hack the papercraft template you could definitely get it to work.

so cute! could also build an army of giant mosquitoes. as a joke to scare somebody :)

CraftyRobot (author)  wavelet_spaghetti4 years ago

That's a good idea, it does sound like a mosquito.

Vulpinemac4 years ago

When you consider that the old Bell helicopter used as the Batcopter in the '60s TV series was nearly unflyable with those bat wings, I have to ask how well the dragon flies as compared to the 'naked' quadcopter.

CraftyRobot (author)  Vulpinemac4 years ago
I'll admit it's a bit trickier to fly, but It's a dragon! ;) I built a bigger version using the new Craziefly and it flew perfectly.

Love it!!!

This is brilliant! :D I'm totally doing this with mine xD

electro184 years ago

Awesome make, thanks for sharing ! :)

Can it lift a roman candle with it ?

CraftyRobot (author)  electro184 years ago

That's a good idea! This one probably can't but I made a bigger version (video: with the guys from Bitcraze at Maker Faire Rome (based on one of their prototype V2 Crazieflies) which I reckon could. Hopefully we'll make another one of those soon and that's definitely a feature I'll look to add. Many thanks for the suggestion :)

Onyx Ibex4 years ago

Adorable :)

a very good concept but make it more creative with led lights etc.

Raitis4 years ago

You should make it breathe fire!

CraftyRobot (author)  Raitis4 years ago
Yes I agree and I mentioned it to a friend and they read it as 'weaponising a drone' and said it was a dark place to be going. I still think or would be really cool though.

Like that hasn't already been done. It's not the ability to do something which should be taken into account, but the intentions.

artworker4 years ago

Super cool thing! Kudos!

seamster4 years ago

I like it! Very nice work.

Haha! Awesome! This is a nice combo. Great video too!

Will this work with the Hubsan X4 FPV?

octosloth4 years ago

very cool I've seen the same thing done by hacking a model imperial trooper speeder and putting a drone in it, good idea

Alexander D4 years ago

Would the Estes proto x work to?

spicyfry4 years ago
I have this drone and I really love this dragon but how well does it fly with the extra weight of the paper? If it flies fine do you just print the template off?

cool thnks i'll surely show my frnds after i make it..!!


cool idea