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I've always experimented with simple foam gliders made out of household materials, but I've never had as much success as I did with these fun little gliders made from foam picnic plates. With just a few easily-accessible materials that you probably already have around the house, you can make several of these and have all kinds of fun.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Picture of Gather Your Materials
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Here's what you'll need to make a glider:

3x 9" foam picnic plates

2 drinking straws (bendy or not)

Pair of scissors



Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Scrap sheet of paper (if you plan on making more than 1 glider)

Small screw (specifics later on)

An option that has no bearing on the flight of the glider is permanent markers for decorating.

achmad_dj made it!7 months ago
Very good design, I made it with some modifications.
zoleroid3 years ago

I like this and tweaked it just a little bit. When I made this glider I forgot to get a screw. Looking around I found a used up pencil with one of those cheap erasers that just smudged your writing. I used the eraser instead of the bolt and it worked quite well.

blakehansen99 (author)  zoleroid3 years ago

Cool! Way to be resourceful.

BenoitW made it!4 years ago

Used paper plate, but worked the same way ! Make them by a bunch of kids at a birthday party.

blakehansen99 (author)  BenoitW4 years ago
mertem4 years ago
ahaha amazing :) thank u
blakehansen99 (author)  mertem4 years ago
Wow! You're the first person to make one and post a picture! Thanks for looking at my Instructable!
Verticees5 years ago

Pretty sweet gliders! Have you considered including a video of the flight?

blakehansen99 (author)  Verticees5 years ago

I thought about it, but I figured I had my fair share of taking pictures and wanted to get my Instructable posted quickly. Now that you mention it, I will definitely try to get a video uploaded in the near future.

dbrk5 years ago
Best plane ever
ianbates15 years ago

Brilliant, can't wait to try this one - I was wondering could you use the dihedral jig as the tail plane if you trimmed it ever so slightly ?

blakehansen99 (author)  ianbates15 years ago

That never occurred to me! Yes, I think it would work great. The good thing about these gliders is that they are super easy to experiment with and hard to mess up.