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Frozen Ice-Cream Bombe! | Easy Recipe for an Impressive Dessert | Chocolate Covered Tartufo

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Summer is getting started here in the UK, so it's time to bring out the ice-cream!

I thought that instead of making ice lollies as a refreshing snack, I would aim for sophistication and make an ice-cream dessert that could be pretty enough to impress at a dinner party :)

This particular recipe is very similar to a Tartufo, except without the traditional cherries in the centre, and using digestive biscuits for the the base. It's very easy to make, no prior skills required.


Step 1: Line the Moulds

Picture of Line the Moulds

Line the moulds you will be using with clingfilm (plastic film).

I lined a mini loaf tin and a small glass bowl.

Make sure there is excess clingfilm around each mould; later, you will need to use this film to cover the ice-cream-filled moulds.

attosa2 months ago
Lovely. Mum used to make us bombes when we were kids-- don't think I've had one since. Thanks for this!
FernMakes (author)  attosa2 months ago
Thank-you :) Yes, I'm sure kids in particular would love these!
LydiaT22 months ago
Looks interesting! You should enter this in the Instructables' "Frozen Treats" Challenge. I will vote for you if you do.
FernMakes (author)  LydiaT22 months ago
Thanks very much :)