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Picture of Frozen Yogurt Bark

A healthy frozen treat, that is quick and easy to make.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Chill Time: Overnight

Makes roughly 800 grams

Step 1: Mix Ingredients

Picture of Mix Ingredients
20190612_180636 (1).jpg

Add the yogurt, honey, nuts and seeds in a bowl, stirring to combine.

Thanks for sharing your cute-looking recipe for the Summertime! Love all the ingredients that you've used! i may try making a similar one at home soon;))
JustineM322 months ago
Looks great! Nice work. :-)
I bet my daughter would love this! I'll have to save this and give it a try :)
pandiorama made it!3 months ago
I love recipes like this. This was very simple to make, and I could easily substitute ingredients listed (sunflower and chia seeds) with ones that I actually had on hand (hazelnuts). I also used vanilla greek yogurt instead of plain yogurt, but I ended up adding maple syrup as suggested in the recipe even though the vanilla yogurt already has a sweetness to it. Plus, I was able to add some additional ingredients like shredded coconut and bits of dark chocolate to further sweeten the bark.

Unfortunately, I have a tall, thin freezer, so I had to use a much smaller pan. I wondered if I could layer yogurt on multiple pieces of wax paper in a small loaf pan to make several bark bars without taking too much space horizontally. Or, if I could use popsicle cups so that I wouldn't be taking so much space in my freezer. I was afraid to do this for fear that the treat would stick to the paper or not come out of the cup. In the end, I just used a smaller pan and ended up with thicker bark.

Thank you for suggesting this fun, quick, frozen treat.
LydiaT23 months ago
Looks great!! You should enter this recipe in the Instructables' "Frozen Treats" contest that's going on right now. You could win a prize!! I would vote for you.
Kaley Rawlinson (author)  LydiaT23 months ago
Thank you, I have entered it in "Frozen Treats" contest
audreyobscura3 months ago
This is a great idea for a snack!