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Picture of Graffiti Abatement Paint Can

This instructable my be slightly niche and I hope it is helpful to those that could use it! I live in a residential building in San Francisco on a very busy intersection in front of a bus stop and our building constantly gets tagged with graffiti. The DPW will cite us as a blight property and we have 30 days to abate the graffiti. Our building has formed a committee of volunteers to handle this task.

Personally I don't mind painting the building BUT I am extremely lazy when it comes to going to the garage, getting the paint cans, pouring into the tray, carrying the roller and tray to the wall, doing the task, pouring paint back into the can, washing all the rollers and cans and damn the building got hit up again 12 hours later.

I wanted to come up with a way to quickly abate the graf without all the prep and cleanup (which is my main enemy with getting this task done). Behold the GAP Can!!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Picture of Gather Your Supplies

Here you can see my simple setup of an old coffee can and paint brush from the dollar store.

You can use any container that is relatively air tight. Keep in mind that my use case is there is new graffiti to paint on a weekly basis so I am not super concerned about the paint drying out inside the can.

jgreene7773 months ago
I'd put up a few Nest cameras and a sign with a Nest logo that says "face recognition software in use". Depending on your situation, maybe use fake cameras from Harbor Freight instead. But then again, it sounds like there are some real jerks in your neighborhood to keep tagging your place.
If they put up a sign that said they were using face recog cameras in San Francisco, it likely wouldn't stop the tagging but would instead enrage many law abiding residents.
Errol19513 months ago
Hi I have seen some recent studies and it shows that plain wall attract this sort of thing because the graffiti stands out and if the wall has a picture or pattern it blends in and no-one see's it or you could try a silicone spray that the paint doesn't adhere to so it just lets you wash it off
If you really want to deal with a graffiti "problem", then paint a mural. It'll get hit FAR less often.
the reason for this is that their graffiti does not stand out so no-one see's it and that's what they are after something that show's the world they have been there and not just one of t he millions
Gave up on the police, eh?
Clever idea. Makes good reuse of a coffee can. I also like the idea of a camera or two. You could also try a sign that says, "Marine Snipers On Duty." OK, that may be a bit much.
Bverysharp3 months ago
Quick and simple solution to a pesky problem. Well done!
FlorinJ3 months ago
Personally, I would have gone for a system with several cameras and a battery of tear gas sprays.
gcai_fwb3 months ago
Excellent use for the empty Bustelo can after you've enjoyed the coffee (my fav) :)
This is brilliant! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.
ElectroFrank3 months ago
Total Simplicity = Pure Genius
vseminara3 months ago
Very resourceful and drip free! Perhaps next time the HOA meets you can decide to spring for one of the anti-graffiti coatings - supposed to wash off graffiti with only water.
I use the anti graffiti stuff at work, and most of them are sacrificial.
Once you clean the same spot a couple of times, its gone and need to be reapplied.

And its really spendy. With such constant use its a close call as to whether the paint or the coating would take less time and money.
jessyratfink3 months ago
So smart! This would have come in handy when I lived in Oakland :D