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This Steel Chiminea was designed to be a statement piece in a new restaurant. We designed it out of 12ga Hot Rolled Steel which sounds thin (just under 1/8") but will easily handle a strong fire. Better yet, the intended use of the chiminea is to smolder Pinion Wood, which makes an amazing smell to help set the ambiance of the outdoor seating area.

Step 1: Plasma Cutting

Picture of Plasma Cutting

We used a plasma cutting CNC table to cut out our parts, but this would be pretty easy to do with just a grinder as all the lines are straight and reference off of other parts of the build. In fact I've included FREE DXF cutting files and hand cutting plans here.

Plasma cutting is somewhat like laser cutting except not as 100% accurate and uses Ionized compressed gas (plasma) to heat and cut the steel rather than focused light.

After each piece was cut, my helper ground off any cutting dross (like tearout on a tablesaw) with a grinder using a wire wheel and flap disk.

did it work u didnt show it working
Robert_cole10 days ago
nice and very Good desigin!
Nice, modern design for the backyard!
slyght12 days ago
awesome project. just curious, what is the weight on this thing?
Aussie5814 days ago
Love it!
And good fun!
Would be interesting to make it with one 'really big' piece of metal and fold it so there is only a single seam weld at the back. Just kidding :-)
provadance20 days ago
"It was very convenient that my helper could stand inside it while we tacked in the last piece."

So, was he able to wriggle out, or is he still in there???
AnandM5420 days ago
Really huge one..... Nice work!!
seamster21 days ago
I really like it. I could see myself making a smaller version for my own backyard at some point. Thanks for sharing this great, simple design!