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This unique speedometer uses a GPS for speed tracking, and displays your speed with an RGB LED. While as-programmed the speed is displayed only as stopped (red), +2MPH (yellow), +9MPH (blue), or +13MPH (green), this could be expanded to a more granular form if you so desire. Also, the GPS unit could be used to show other stats, like how far you are from home, and the bike has a white flashing mode specifically for night visibility.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need

For this project, you'll need

*Note that the charging module is not shown in the diagram, but will go between the Li-Po and Arduino Pro mini

jessyratfink5 months ago
Nicely done! Would definitely make knowing your speed super easy. :)
JeremySCook (author)  jessyratfink5 months ago