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Picture of Game Controller Made 99.9% From Trash

I always wanted to own a personal arcade gaming style game controller, so when I noticed that my ex-employer was throwing away some old broken keyboards, I decided to take them home. These keyboards were the perfect ingredients for this project.

The other materials that I used to complete this project included: leftover plywood pieces, a leftover tile piece, small screws from broken toys and electronics, 2 broken flat 3 pin plugs, white and black plastic containers, tyre inner tube, 2 bicycle wheel spokes, Christmas balls or ball shape plastic container lids (like the green shampoo bottle in the above picture) and a small piece of iron sheet.

Step 1: Making the Joysticks - Step 1

For the joysticks, I used 4 rectangular pieces of iron sheet which I cut, drilled and folded as in the pictures above and attached a bolt (two 4" long bolts and two 1.5" long bolts) to each of them.

That exactly what we want to see in this contest, you got my vote!
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TourilleS5 months ago
Looks amazing!
Sachin Mohiputloll (author)  TourilleS5 months ago
Thank you TourilleS
YovanaS15 months ago
Well done!
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AanasR6 months ago
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OnionTheAnion6 months ago
This is really cool! I love seeing creative ways to recycle things.
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AmalM306 months ago
Really impressive! amazing job Sachin!!
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