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Picture of Garden Deck With Greenhouse

This is how we created our recently finished hardwood garden deck with greenhouse. We love using the house in the chilly evenings and when it rains. The deck is obviously great when the weather is good, and with trees providing nice shade.

Step 1: The Plan

Picture of The Plan

This is the blueprint of the deck. The size was determined by the amount of space we had available, and where the trees were placed. Support beams for the deck are 60cm apart. On each beam, there are four foundations supporting the beam. For the seven longer beams under the house, there is an additional foundation. Foundations are approximately 130cm apart along the beam.

The outer footprint of the greenhouse is 3.84x3.84m. For a detailed measurements see the link in the Bill Of Materials.

The left part of the deck is at level with the ground, and about 50cm above the ground in the right end. This gives a nice feeling of being integrated with the garden. The stairs are 120cm wide.

homemade1011 month ago
cool !
sabu.dawdy2 months ago
KronBjorn (author)  sabu.dawdy2 months ago
Thanks :)
Kink Jarfold2 months ago
What a fantastic job you did. there is nothing more exciting than going outside your bailiwick and completing something this awesome.
KronBjorn (author)  Kink Jarfold2 months ago
Thank you, and yes that is very true, learning new crafts is always exciting :)

MikeZzz2 months ago
Hi. Great project. Thanks for sharing. I hate to ask you this but what’s an approximate cost of doing a project like this? Parts and labor. Thanks.
KronBjorn (author)  MikeZzz2 months ago
For time, it took me a summer :) But I'm a computer scientist and not a professional, and I only work on my projects when I find them interesting. You can do it much faster than that. Clearing the area and removing an old shed, took the longest. Then constructing the foundation, next laying the deck. Building the greenhouse was the fastest. And then some trimmings in the end.
I'd hate to give you a price, because the price of the deck will vary with where you live, and you can cut the price in half, or double it by simply choosing another type of wood. But if you calculate your cost of wood, and add 15% for other materials, you'll be in the ballpark.
The greenhouse only has the cost of the house itself, plus a little cement and sand.
Sorry I couldn't give you a better answer,...
shalnachywyt2 months ago
Awesome build but waaaayyyy beyond my capabilities and age. I just finished building a staircase up to a non-usable front door (don't ask!) which will eventually be expanded to a deck on the south side of my house that will eventually tie into the already-built deck on the west side of my house. The staircase alone took me 78 hours to build and luckily, I had a bit of help from a neighbor.
KronBjorn (author)  shalnachywyt2 months ago
Thanks! It's not that complicated, but is was a lot of work, and I questioned the size of the deck several times during the build :)
That does not sound like an unreasonable amount of time for a staircase, stairs are hard in my experience. But I did learn some time ago, never to add up cost or hours for my projects ;)
Well, I have to keep track of costs to make sure I have enough money to do it, and I have to keep track of hours so I can find out how many calories I'm burning so I can show my doctor I'm "getting exercise"! :)
AnnieQ12 months ago
I love this so much! Can you let us know the brand and model of the greenhouse? It is lovely.
KronBjorn (author)  AnnieQ12 months ago
Thank you, I have added it to the BOM :)
billbillt2 months ago
Genius!!... A wonderful project!!... You also have a sweet and good looking hound.....
KronBjorn (author)  billbillt2 months ago
Thank you very much, and I'll pass on the compliment. :)
We call him the shadow. He is always at the feet of whoever took him for a walk the last time.
sambolic2 months ago
I'm shacking up with you, buddy. I'm tired of living in a van down by the river! :-)
KronBjorn (author)  sambolic2 months ago
It may get a bit crowded though, my youngest son is using it for sleep overs with his friends during the summer holiday :)
OutofPatience2 months ago
This is definitely one of the nicest greenhouse builds I've come across, and in combination with your deck, it is superlative work! Thank you for the inspiration. I'm keeping this one on file for future help since my Sis and I want to build both a couple of decks and a greenhouse...(probably with reclaimed windows in the latter instance) on our property in the woods of central Texas.
KronBjorn (author)  OutofPatience2 months ago
Thank you for the nice comment :)
Sounds like a great plan reusing the windows, I would love to see that!
askjerry2 months ago
In your BOM you have "Greenhouse"... viewers would likely find it better if you listed a link to the one you used... that would at least take them to the same manufacturer so they would know the quality is good. (Assume positive intent.)
KronBjorn (author)  askjerry2 months ago
Sounds like a good idea, I have added it to the BOM.
Thanks for the advice :)
heatherlaw0012 months ago
This is GORGEOUS!! Could you tell me where you got that greenhouse please?
KronBjorn (author)  heatherlaw0012 months ago
Of course. I didn't put it in the instuctable, because I did not want to endorse a specific greenhouse, and you should also be able to use any kind.
It has a different name in different countries, but if you search for "Sirius 13000", you should be able to find it. If you have a choice of color, I would recommend the black profiles, as they look very nice with a green garden.
Thank you for the nice comment :)

Thank you for the information. Found it with Google.That is the nicest looking greenhouse I've seen. I agree, I like the black too. Your whole project is very inspiring!
Oh my holy guacamole. I am literally in love. Where do you live? I'm moving in and living in that greenhouse for forever! Thank you for this absolutely inspiring and gorgeous Instructable!
KronBjorn (author)  Tye Rannosaurus2 months ago
Thank you :)
It gives me great joy if I should succeed in inspiring people to build something, which I enjoy so much myself.
This looks absolutely wonderful! I would just love to sit there while it's raining :)
KronBjorn (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 months ago
Thank you :)
Yes, there is something universally comforting sitting outside, dry in the rain.
jessyratfink2 months ago
Oh wow that is perfection! I'd never want to leave home :)
KronBjorn (author)  jessyratfink2 months ago
Thank you for the nice comment :)