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Picture of Garden Trug

Now that you've got your garden planted you've got lots of time to make yourself a trug!!

I know this is not a true basket trug but I wanted to make a basket that could be used for a variety of purposes , the primary one is that it be used in the garden for collecting and then cleaning the produce in the same basket. This type of basket goes by many names: Harvest Basket, Garden Hod, Oyster Basket but Garden Trug is what my wife calls it (so that's what we call it at our place).

The true definition of a trug is "a shallow oblong basket made of strips of wood, traditionally used for carrying garden flowers and produce".

We have also found this is a great basket to take to both the outdoor farmer's market and a local produce market. Be prepared to be asked numerous times" Where'd you get the neat basket? "

Roughly 15 years ago I made some baskets similar to this design, except instead of using a metal garden cloth for the bottom I used wooden slats and the main purpose of those baskets was for holding magazines or knitting.

Step 1: Material & Cutting

Picture of Material & Cutting

This project does not require a lot of material, I started with a short piece of 2''x 10'' spruce that I planed down to 7/8'' thick, but using stock 3/4'' thick material would be fine.

bottom -1 piece of 1/2'' x 1/2'' galvanized metal garden fabric 16'' x 17''

ends - 2 pieces 5 1/2'' high x 9'' wide by 3/4 '' thick , 2 pieces 10'' high x 1 1/2'' wide by 3/4'' thick

side rails - 2 pieces 1'' high x 15 3/8'' long by 3/4'' thick

handle -1 piece 1 1/8'' high x 19'' long by 3/4'' thick (to be re-cut to fit with angles to match base after assemble )

Note: I would have preferred to use a metal garden fabric that was coated in vinyl but I couldn't find any small quantities, but should I decide to go into mass production ( not going to happen ) it's easy to get 50 foot rolls of it.

blescohier made it!1 month ago
My wife loves the trug... thanks for the 'ible!
davis500011 month ago
Any options to router the mesh groove? Thanks.....larry
MortenS153 months ago
Beautiful, guess I'll try to make one, just one question.When you made the dado for the mesh, did you just use a straight router bit or should it be one with a bearing towards the MDF-template? (I have never used my router like that before)
neslo63 (author)  MortenS153 months ago
It might be easier to understand what I used to make the dado if you go to Utube and type In ( Installing and Using the BIK-100 Brass Inlay Bushing System ) and I used the collet without the bushing to follow my template. hope this helps.
so you're saying I have to spend 40.00 to use a 1/8" straight router bit with the system you use? Any options? Please help!........Larry
MichaelP569 made it!2 months ago
I love the clean and simple look of this garden basket. I ended up painting it purple for my wife, but I suspect I'll be making more of these in the future as friends and family see it.
Thanks for sharing your work!
kjpublisher3 months ago
Simple yet elegant THANK YOU for sharing!
neslo63 (author)  kjpublisher3 months ago
Your welcome and thanks for the comment
playfulplans3 months ago
Excellent design. The angled handle looks as if it allows easier access to the whole basket and the galvi hardware cloth is brilliant. I posted it with credit and link on my Facebook page. Well done.
garden trug2.jpg
neslo63 (author)  playfulplans3 months ago
Nice but I'm from Vancouver Island :-)
Whoopsies, correted on my FB page. Somehow I imagine I'm not the first one to get that wrong ;^D
And correct, not corret :^D :^D Hope you get some looks, i see one replier is already building yours. With +2000 Friends on FB it can heat up pretty quickly, all the best!
neslo63 (author)  playfulplans3 months ago
Its weird how social media work ,I was just contacted by the editors of a woodworking magazine in the UK yesterday who want to put this in an upcoming issue.
Lauriebitz3 months ago
Thank You for sharing the great design and plans with easy to follow instructions. Can't wait to get this project started.
neslo63 (author)  Lauriebitz3 months ago
My pleasure, If you notice I try to keep things as simple as possible in my instructable with as few steps as possible. I personally lose interest in some intructables that have to many directions and way to many steps. And if anyone has questions just shoot me a message.
dkschmidt3 months ago
I bought a couple of these years ago. Thanks for the design . Now I will make mine!
neslo63 (author)  dkschmidt3 months ago
Why buy if you can make it, has kind of been my life's philosophy. ( within reason ) Hope you get a chance to make some.
doing2much3 months ago
Very cool, I love the sleek design. I'm wondering whether one could use cedar (since it's a little more rot resistant).
neslo63 (author)  doing2much3 months ago
For sure ,I used spruce because that's what I had kicking around. If I end up making more I would like to use yellow cedar because of how much natural oil it contains, the only thing is you have to use a polyurethane glue like gorilla glue that will bond to oily woods like yellow ceder and teak.
MichaelP5853 months ago
This is a simple and beautiful garden basket. I like how clean the design is.
neslo63 (author)  MichaelP5853 months ago
I agree sometimes simple things just look better.
Papa_whisky3 months ago
Great project!
Question though, is the metal garden fabric strong enough that it will stay in place, like if you accidentally placed it on a small rock the indent would not pull it out from the sides?
neslo63 (author)  Papa_whisky3 months ago
The metal garden fabric is plenty strong, you would have to hit it pretty hard to get it to bend or make it pop out of the sides.
Arbormakes3 months ago
I just love the look of that trug!

Got my vote in the contest.

neslo63 (author)  Arbormakes3 months ago
Thanks every one seems to like them
: )
MarcelS93 months ago
So cute! Very nicely done.

- a fellow cabinet maker
neslo63 (author)  MarcelS93 months ago
Thank you and I hope my instructions are clear enough for you to make some.
cheers :-)
keithrburk3 months ago
This is great! Nicely executed!
neslo63 (author)  keithrburk3 months ago
Thanks , glad you like it :-)
LynneDe3 months ago
Lovely! Wish my woodworking skills were up to the task of making one (a bunch!). These truly are lovely garden trugs. Blessings! Maybe I can find someone with the skills to make me some...I surely hope so!
neslo63 (author)  LynneDe3 months ago
Thanks,I hope you do find someone to give you a hand
DAND553 months ago
Beautiful basket. I’m inspired to make 3 of them.
neslo63 (author)  DAND553 months ago
Thank you, I hope you give it a try and be sure to post your pictures after your done.
OutofPatience3 months ago
This is the nicest "trug" I've seen in some time...quite practical for garden use. I like the offset handle, the light weight but sturdy construction, and the hardware cloth base for being able to rinse veggies, flowers, etc. Thanks for showing us how!
neslo63 (author)  OutofPatience3 months ago
My pleasure, I'm glad you like you like it