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Picture of Gas Powered Power Wheels

This is actually my second build but the first I never saw as Instructables worthy. The original can be seen here

The short explanation is that it is a 7hp Duromax with stage one racing kit. With a centrifugal clutch running to a custom drive shaft to the back running a 6 speed 90 degree mounted reversed rotation transaxle. Lawn tractor frame shortened 11 inches. With custom steering column and column shifted, hand brake, home made gas pedal from a 2 hole punch.

Step 1: The short video version

The video here is the shortened build video. The rest of this write up will be more in depth.

This is awesome, I want one for myself!
Really cool work on this! Got me thinking of a fun summer project. Thanks for posting it.
Makerneer5 months ago
That looks like a lot of fun, thanks for sharing!
Redneck Computer Geek (author)  Makerneer5 months ago
Thank You!
I'm not a very good writer this is why I make Youtube video's. But decided this was a good place for me to branch out into and share.