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Picture of Gate Upgrade With Hardwood Slats and Cut-out House Numbers

Hi Instructables! Here's my entry into the Woodworking contest - a gate upgrade with a hardwood privacy screen and modern cut-out house numbers.

This was my largest project to date, but it was still all done with simple portable tools and no workshop space, and no fancy joinery, so basically anyone could do it too! All in I got this done for about a quarter the cost of what some contractors quoted me, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out despite my lack of tools and lack of experience working at this scale.

Step 1: What Came BEFORE...

Picture of What Came BEFORE...

The dot-matrix house number that I spray painted on 4 years ago needed repainting.(

The existing sliding steel gate was also looking rather shabby.

Worst of all, the perforated steel gate panels were in effect so see-through that it afforded us no visual privacy whatsoever. So the pallet wood table that I made for the front patio was getting no love, what with all the people and cars right outside the transparent gate.

I mean, I love my neighbours and all, but when your front yard is all of 5 metres deep, privacy matters.

jessyratfink3 months ago
Dang that is stunning!