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Step 10: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches

The two finals steps are to sand the top surface of your geometric concrete planter and then glue on the wooden top. For me, I found that the perfect time for the sanding is about 12 to 24 hours after the pouring of the concrete. At that time the concrete is hard enough so that the edges won’t crumble while being sanded, but still not at his final hardness which makes sanding much easier.

For sanding the concrete, I used regular 150 grit sandpaper. The goal of the sanding is to flatten the concrete so that the wooden top sits flush. In case you need to remove more material, it will be a good idea to use wet sandpaper and start with a lower grit.

When you are happy with your top edges, glue on the wooden. Then just fill-in some soil and plants and you are done! One thing to note is that regular concrete is not waterproof. Concrete will absorb water, and when there is too much water, it will leak through.

MichiganDave4 months ago
Your result has excellent eye appeal, especially combined with your choice of plants. Thank you for the share.