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Step 2: Fold and Glue the Cardstock Paper

Picture of Fold and Glue the Cardstock Paper

First, slightly bend the cardstock paper along the engraved/scored lines. For the outer mold, I folded the paper so that the engraved lines were on the outside and for the inner mold the engraved marks were on the inside.

Then I used strips of tape to glue adjacent triangles together and create the shape of the inner and outer mold. In the image below you can see which parts should be glued together.

The tape for the outer mold was applied on the outside and for the inner mold on the inside. This way there won't be any marks from the tape on the finished concrete. I was a bit perfectionist here because when you fill the planter with soil, there is not much of the inside visible anymore. So you can save yourself a bit of fiddling when you just put the tape on the outside for both molds.