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Picture of Geometric Wooden Fox From Scraps

If you're anything like me you always have piles of scrap wood laying around from other projects and choice pallet offcuts. Need something to do with it all? Well here ya go!

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Various wood scraps


Wood stain

Clean rags

Wood glue

Clear coat



Square / Straightedge



Mitre saw (Recommended)


Saw use

Safety Equipment:

Safety glasses

Dust mask / Respirator

Step 1: Make a Template

Picture of Make a Template

The first step, as always, is to figure out what you want to make!

I looked up photos for "Geometric Fox" and picked one that I liked, then used a free poster site to blow it up in size. Print it out, spread it all over your workbench and you've got yourself a template!

I didn't tape them together, but you might want to in order to keep them more organized. I had to shuffle them around a few times when they got blown off the table.

I also looked at a bunch of fox pictures and marked on the template what color stain to use for each section. It changed a little bit once I started putting it together, but it was a good reference point to start from.

Of course you can use this same method to make something other than a fox. For example, if you'd like to make a Schnauzer, replace each time I say "fox" with "Schnauzer". I'd like to make a whole forest worth of animals like this eventually.

wolfrocket5 months ago
i voted in wood
BakkerJo (author)  wolfrocket5 months ago
Thanks I appreciate it!

AnandM545 months ago
Better re-use idea !!
BakkerJo (author)  AnandM545 months ago
Much more fun than tossing them in the fireplace!
wolfrocket5 months ago
you should make it a puzzle
BakkerJo (author)  wolfrocket5 months ago
That's a great idea! It would be pretty tough to do with these pieces, I dropped it once and I had to look at a picture I had taken previously in order to put it back together.
ya it would be tough you are right.