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Picture of Ghostbusters Proton Pack

My son wanted to be a ghostbuster for Halloween, so here's a how to on making a Proton Pack. The costume at the store had an inflatable backpack, and that will not do at all.

Step 1: Gather Lots of Junk

Picture of Gather Lots of Junk

Supplies needed: Back pack, glue gun, cardboard boxes (one that will fit over the backpack, the others for material), and lots of junk (bottles, tubing, wires, pipes, metal parts, and other stuff), cheap flat black spray paint.

I made a proton pack using a similar approach. If you brush-paint the Styrofoam it won't eat away at the foam, and then after that dries you can spray-paint over to make sure it all matches!

Buggybog1 year ago

lol stranger things

seamster1 year ago

This is great! This is what halloween costumes are all about. Nicely done, excellent finished result!