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There is always a challenge to create something transparent. I make a lot af animals, but never anything see-through. The tape challenge on Instructables is for me the perfect opportunity to create a transparant fish. I saw some examples of tape sculpture somewhere, so I had a rough idea how to start. For all teachers who would like to do something similar in class, see the end of the instructable.

Note on the filmclip: The fish is not weather resistant, an cannot be permanently displayed outside.

Step 1: Things and Materials I Used

Picture of Things and Materials I Used

Tape in the lead! I used a big roll ( not a whole one), an a regular smaller one.( about 1,5 rolls)


  • clingfilm
  • sandwich bags
  • wire
  • cotton thread ( white)
  • laminating pouch, and machine
  • pliers
  • two buttons for eyes

and then:

Some object that could take the part of a mold. I used a round glass vase. Glass or ceramics works very good with clingfilm, but you could use a ball, or a totally different shape vase or bowl to create your own fish.

For extra help I included a pdf file with patterns of gills, fins and tail

Dumbphone1 month ago
Amazing! Your work is just brilliant. I have to try this!
ynze4 months ago
Judieju5 months ago
This is so creative and out of the box
Brilliant! How do you think it would work using an oval shaped ball, like a rugby ball or American football ball? Would it be easier?
Hi Isaac. Thank you for thinking along. I like to work with what I have without buying. But an oval shape would work perfect. Thanks for the supplement. P.S. An oval ball here in the Netherlands is a rare and expensive find.
Aha! Of course! So, how about something like two plastic bottles taped together, to create variations of that the oval shape? I really like your Instructable. I can see lots of sizes and shapes of fish emerging from the idea. Thanks for sharing.
I've made ghosts with the same technique but found that the battery pack weighed the structure down just enough to make the whole thing sag in unfortunate places. Yours looks totally self contained without this problem. Any ideas? Besides waiting 3 months? And btw, your goldfish is just awesome! Fun idea to float from the beams in my "elegant" living room!
Hi, Silvia, I taped the battery pack to the cord it is hanging from. Works perfect.
SusanH755 months ago
I just LOVE this! You are so creative.
milesnorth6 months ago
Neat stuff! Very creative!
FernMakes6 months ago
This is seriously awesome. What a unique idea!