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Picture of Giant Pumpkins-You Can Grow 'em Too!!

Getting out in the garden can be so much fun! Choosing your plants, planning out your plot, and harvesting the fruits of your labors are all reasons that many gardeners love this spring to fall activity. But, even the most enjoyable hobbies needs a BIGGER challenge now and again. If you love thinking big, putting in time in the dirt, and reaping HUGE rewards for your efforts, then growing a GIANT PUMPKIN might be your next gardening adventure!

This Instructable will guide you through everything you need to know to grow the biggest pumpkin of your life. But, BEWARE, growing giants is an addictive hobby and once you get a taste of success you will only want to grow bigger and bigger. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Have fun, and grow 'em BIG!

Step 1: Step 1: SEEDS...Choose Wisely

Picture of Step 1: SEEDS...Choose Wisely

If you want a Huge pumpkin to compete with on a large scale, or just want to show off your growing skills to the neighbors with a massive Halloween jack-o-lantern that you grew yourself, you need to start with the right seed. Any brand of "Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds" that you can find at your local garden store will grow you a big pumpkin. However, there are some extreme growers out there using their green thumbs to coax giants to over 2000lbs. These genetically tracked seeds sell at auction for hundreds of dollars each. So, go as thrifty or as spendy as you like; but, starting with the right seed starts your giant in the right direction.

seamster4 months ago
This is a really interesting read, thank you! Is that a pumpkin you grew in your main photo, being hoisted by a forklift!? : D
StevoTheTinker68 (author)  seamster4 months ago
Sadly, no. Mine is the one shown on step 12. 420lbs grown in 180sq.ft.
Well, I feel click baited now.
Ah, still super impressive! But I'd recommend swapping your current cover image to show your own pumpkin ; )
jimwi3 months ago
Ok lets say I just groow a big ass pumpkin. What do you do with it when full grown apart from showing it off. Is it any good to eat or is it pig food.
Sethsg3 months ago
Here they are I’m going to separate them soon
My pumpkins planted in the ground just came out. Thank you for your sharing, I will apply the ideas to mine, especially the board to protect the pumpkins.
Sethsg3 months ago
I’ve just planted my pumpkins and each have about 4 leaves
AnandM544 months ago
Amazing work friend !!
StevoTheTinker68 (author)  AnandM543 months ago
Thank you very much!
On behalf of Janta Haat I want to say that this article is very informative.Thank you
Thanks, with the high humidity in parts of India and lots of sun, giant pumpkins might do very well. Maybe it is worth a try...
wallyg84 months ago
recommendations for grow lights? bulb type,anything unique, manufacturer?
StevoTheTinker68 (author)  wallyg83 months ago
JumpStart is a pretty good brand with a wide variety of growing products. I used their lights and heating mat. a lot of people use T5 grow lights. They provide the right waves and colors of light for good plant growth. and you can get it all on amazon :)
GregS2784 months ago
You didn't mention dates for starting the seeds germination and planting in the garden times
maybe that's in the reading material you added at the bottom! Very large vine you have!
StevoTheTinker68 (author)  GregS2784 months ago
It really depends on your location and what your goals are. you should be planting seeds roughly 2-3 weeks before you want to put them in the ground. and you don't want to put them in the ground before the last frost.
mikecz4 months ago
OUTSTANDING article! Nice explanations of some of the "tricks of the trade"!
StevoTheTinker68 (author)  mikecz4 months ago
I learn something new every year and thought others might like to learn something new too. I am glad you like it.
rocket radhi4 months ago
It's jus Awesome... Nice effort
StevoTheTinker68 (author)  rocket radhi4 months ago
Thank you!
StevoTheTinker68 (author)  rocket radhi4 months ago
thank you so much.
tomatoskins4 months ago
I've always loved seeing giant pumpkins! I never knew it could be this easy! Once I have my own garden I'll definitely give this a try!
StevoTheTinker68 (author)  tomatoskins4 months ago
i hope you do. It is so much fun. Good luck growing!