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Step 10: Step 10: Vine Burying

Picture of Step 10: Vine Burying
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The more roots you have the better. Evert leaf that grows will try to put down two roots; one from the bottom of the vine, and one from the top of the vine. If we can get more roots pulling water and nutrients from the soil, that's more weight going right on our pumpkin. So, we are going to help the process along and get as many roots as possible by BURYING OUR VINES.

There are two ways that most giant growers go about vine burying; trenching, and clumping. Both are easy, so it is really up to you.

Trenching is just digging a 3-4" trench in the direction your vine is growing and as it grows, you fill in the dirt over the top of the vine in the trench. Easy.

Clumping is waiting until the leaf and vine are grown out a little and the root node is almost or starting to show, making a pre-moistened soil-ball and smooshing it over the whole node area.

Whichever you choose, the additional roots will only benefit your Giant and your final weight. DONT skip this step, it really does your pumpkin a lot of good.