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Step 12: Step 12: Watch It Grow

Picture of Step 12: Watch It Grow
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YOU DID IT! You've put in the work and now you get to watch your baby grow into a GIANT. Once the fruit is set, you just need to position it at a 90degree angle from the vine so that as it grows it won't smash it. the vine will also rise off of the ground as the GIANT grows so try to arrange it so it has some slack as it grows; your vine will be working hard for the next 90 days. And yes, it only takes 90 days for these big guys to go from a flower to 2000lbs.

You and your pumpkin are now off to the races. During peak growing season, your GIANT can put on 5 to 40lbs per-day depending on how much you are watering and fertilizing. It is amazing to Watch!

There you have it. (Most) Everything you need to know about how to grow a Giant Pumpkin to compete with, put on your porch, or just show off. I hope you have as much fun with this hobby as I have. Have a blast, and grow a GIANT!