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Step 4: Step 4: Soil and Seed

Picture of Step 4: Soil and Seed
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With your Starter Cup ready to go, you need to add the seed starter soil and that baby giant seed. Pre-soak your soil with non-chlorine water. You should water it enough that when you squeeze a handful, you can see the water trying to come out but won't drip and the squeezed soil should hold it's shape.

-Fill the cup to the top without packing the soil down, the seed needs loose soil to fill with roots

-Poke your finger into the center about to the first joint ~1inch.

-Push the seed (pointy end down) into the hole until the top of the seed is the only thing showing at the bottom of the finger hole you made.

-Lightly cover the hole with soil. you can pat it down to get good contact but you DONT want to PACK IT DOWN! like we said before, the roots need loose soil to move through and fill up. BIGGER roots means BIGGER pumpkins.