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Step 5: Step 5: Sprouting/Germination

Picture of Step 5: Sprouting/Germination
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Your seeds are planted and now is the worst part...waiting. But, to help speed the seed...see what i did are some tips.

-Putting your seeds in the window or on top of the fridge will still work, but it is always better to control the environment yourself to maximize and accelerate a successful germination.

--Pumpkin seeds like temperatures around 85*F so a germination mat with a thermometer is very helpful. Plug the mat into the thermometer, set your desired temp, insert temperature probe into the centermost pot, put the top on and let it grow.

--Seeds like the dark so I put a towel over the top. This is not a required step.

--As soon as these little guys sprout you need to get them under the Grow Light.