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Step 6: Step 6: Growlights and Transplants

Again, Grow Lights are not mandatory to grow a GIANT pumpkin. However, they can be very helpful. After your seeds have germinated, you need to get them under the grow lights. This will help them grow deep roots and not get super leggy (stretched out stems) because they won't be stretching up for sunlight. You will be giving them all the light they need to turn a nice green and grow out those first leaves, called "cots."

The job of the cots is to feed the first "True Leaf" the cots will spread out pretty wide and your roots will go deep very quickly under the lights so your seedlings will need to be transplanted into roomier containers within a couple of days.

Use the same moistening trick as when you were planting the seeds to prepare your potting soil, we don't want to drown our plants with too much water. Use a regular potting soil with good drainage amendments like perlite (white chunks like little rocks in the otherwise black potting mix.)

Put enough potting mix into the new container so that your sprouting cup is flush with the top. Leave the cup in the center of the new container and fill around it until the potting soil and the top of the cup is flush (the same level.) Again, don't pack the soil down, just pat it a little to get any air pockets out.

Now you can pull out the seed pot and you should have a perfect hole prepared for your transplant. Pull the inside cup (with the seedling still in it) out of the labeled outer cup. Put it (still inside the cut cup) into the waiting transplant hole. Gently lift the cut cup straight up and out of the new container; leaving your seedling perfectly in its new pot surrounded by fresh potting soil waiting to be filled with GIANT feeding roots.

LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!!! Make sure to label your plants so you know what you are planting, especially if you are trying with some spendy seeds. I like to use a 12" paint paddle...because they are free...and I am a cheapo. OR, you could integrate some 3-D PRINTING and print your specific Labels using TINKERCAD.

Put your newly transplanted baby Giants back under the grow light. Keep the light between 2" and 3" above your leaves. If they are too close they will burn; if they are too high your plants will stretch and have skinny weak stems. SHORT FAT plants are the goal!

GregS2784 months ago
You didn't mention dates for starting the seeds germination and planting in the garden times
maybe that's in the reading material you added at the bottom! Very large vine you have!