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Step 7: Step 7: True Leaves and Acclimating

Picture of Step 7: True Leaves and Acclimating
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The leaves that emerge from the cots are called "True Leaves." In your new pots, the cots will spread way out and get pretty big. your true leaves will grow fast and can be the size of your hand or bigger in only a day or two. make sure to keep an eye on them so they don't get too close to your lights and get burned.

After the first few true leaves have emerged, and the last chances of frost in your planting area have passed, you need to get your plants ready to be moved into the ground. They need to adjust to the outside weather just like people do. To prevent your plant from going into shock we need to acclimate the plant before we put it in the ground.

Find a shaded area where the plant won't be in direct sunlight, but can still be exposed to the brightness thereof. most people put them out on a shady porch or under a tree. Bring them back inside before it cools off too much outside. do this for a few days or a week, leaving them outside longer each day and even overnight.