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Step 8: Step 8: Planting Time

Picture of Step 8: Planting Time

Ideally, a giant pumpkin needs around 1000sq.ft. per plant, and that's for one pumpkin per plant as well. Realistically, not everyone has that kind of space. So, wherever you are going to plant, make sure the soil is well tilled, well drained, and gets good sun.

Fertilizers and soil amendments would be a whole different post so I will put some links to growers far smarter than me, at the bottom.

Pumpkins are very heavy feeders so they will need lots of water and lots of good organic matter in your soil. you can go as simple or as crazy as you want.


Just like our first transplant, dig out a hole so that the soil is flush with the top of your plant's current container. make sure the dirt in the bottom of the hole is nice and loose so the roots don't have to try and break up the dirt to grow deeper. Remove the container and gently set it into the hole. the FIRST true-leaf that grew out of the cots will point in the direction opposite of which way the pumpkin vine will grow. so point that first true-leaf away from where you want your plant to go. gently backfill the planting hole and pat it down. DONT SMASH IT DOWN! We want good soil contact with no air bubbles.

Use your hands to make a trench around the plant to hold water in the root zone when you water kind of like a bowl. This bowl should be wider than the spread of your current leaves. Water in gently to get that GIANT growing.