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Step 9: Step 9: Vine Training

Picture of Step 9: Vine Training
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There are a tone of ways that growers train their giant pumpkin vines. One of the most tried and true methods is known as the Christmas Tree Pattern. The main vine is grown in a straight line away from the stump. Secondary vines grow out at a 90* angle from the main vine. As each new set of secondary vines grows out, it forms a Christmas tree pattern. Any vines that try to grow off of the secondaries should be pruned so that there isn't any crowding of the leaves. Each leaf needs lots of space they can be up to two feet across each.

Use small sticks to steer your vines in the exact direction you want them to go. Be gentle, these will break.

Many growers have different theories on how long the main-vine should be before trying to set a pumpkin. Really, it depends on how much space you have. YOU WANT AS MUCH PLANT BEHIND THE PUMPKIN AS POSSIBLE. The plant behind the pumpkin is what feeds the pumpkin.