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Picture of Glassbottle Paper Lamp

Hello there welcome to my new instructable to create a glassbottle

dreamers lamp made mostly out of glass and crepe paper.

For this instructable I really recommend you use a bottlecutter jig,

bought or selfmade to get the best results.

I have made mine using sbans instructable which I tweaked a bit,

check his instructable out with the link down below and lets begin...

Step 1: Score Your Bottle

Picture of Score Your Bottle

- For this project I have used a straight glasbottle. In order to

separate the bottle you are going to HAVE to score it.


- Use a bottlecutter jig, bought or selfmade to get a clean


- Adjust the base of the bottlecutter jig to the desired height

and adjust the glasscutters steel nibblers to score the bottle.

- Carefully turn the bottle to score, you have to hear a KRRR KRRR

sound for proper scoring. You want to be able to see the scored line.

I just love the way this looks with the light coming through it :)
IIIDesign (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 month ago
Thank you vey much :D.