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Greatest Holdies: I Hacked an Old Phone to Play the Greatest Hold Music.

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Well... I'm pretty sure that you don't want a phone that just plays hold music...

But there are countless other exciting projects you can make with this very basic hack of these readily available "desk" phones.

Excited to see what other projects come out of this Instructable : )

Have fun!

Step 1: Parts Parts Parts

Picture of Parts Parts Parts


And of course, an old phone! For reasons I can't quite understand there are many cheap options for phones like this on Amazon. Who is buying them, and why? Here are some Amazon options:

Total cost for this project will be ~130$

sdcharle3 months ago
Excelent! I have an old rotary phone. I had to boost the voltage to 40V to get the bell to ring and then kind of futzed around with it and left it half finished, but now I'm inspired to do something with it. I got discouraged b/c there's no room for the electronics inside that beast...
Celian_314 months ago
Very Nice, this object is amazing. I mean useless... but therefore amazing. Well done!
audreyobscura5 months ago
When I first saw this project in my feed, I thought it may have been inspired by a particular story from the Reply All Podcast, they go back to find the creator of some of the greatest hold music of all time. Truly a good listen if you have ~20 minutes.
Makerneer5 months ago
Hilarious! Thanks for sharing
M. DwayneS5 months ago
Great -ible, clever. Although, I have to admit I couldn't listen past about 1:30 mins into the video as I felt my life-force meter slowly ticking down.
fizzy1235 months ago
Nice biuld but I have done it much easyer. I used this mp3 board and a sd card with the wire hocked right up to the hand set. It plays all the time but that was ok for my exscape room.
Fuzzy-Wobble (author)  fizzy1235 months ago
nice. useful module.
tr0lldr0id5 months ago
Just out of curiosity, can you still use this as a normal phone if you plug it into a phone cable?
Sorry if it's a dumb question, I kind of just skimmed the text and I don't know much about arduino anyway xD
I believe it can still be used as a phone. Based on my scan of the 'ible, not much modification of the original circuit was done, and the only components removed or intercepted (bell, LED) are non-essential. I think it will still work.
Interesting. This sounds like an idea that could be taken in multiple different directions. Could just be a fun office desk piece, if it does still take calls, but I'm imagining changing the audio recordings and making it into some kind of prank involving "press this button for/if..." and a lot of "what the heck" from whoever is being pranked!
robnaustin5 months ago
Fun build BUT the only thing cheesier then the hold music was your fake orgasmic sounds over and over. Wow.
Jfieldcap5 months ago
Nice! Neat that you can still find these for sale online - I'd make a mobile verison with a huge battery!
It would also be great fun to make it play the hold music to the person
calling, and have a button for a dumb, annoying song, in the case of
telemarketers. *mental record player starts spinning ... "Never gonna
give you up, ..." *
dennisnaquin 5 months ago
This is so cool! I love it. Where do you get the small red acrylic piece that covers the motion sensor from?